A 28-day reset, designed to return you to the innate, fat-burning state that human beings thrive in. 28 days for $28!

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   Dr. Laura Korman’s Innate28 will:

  • Help you focus primarily on the healthy, beneficial foods to add to your diet and, at the same time, learn which toxic, inflammatory, unhealthy foods and drinks you should absolutely avoid.

  • Immediately help you make healthier decisions about what to eat; when to eat; what toxic or inflammatory foods/drinks to avoid for optimal health.

  • Provide more than 28 healthy, daily recipes, using real foods from your local (or online) market, to help transition you to more mindful and healthy eating! This is our answer to members’ requests, and we thank you!

  • Provide guidance, knowledge, specifics, and recipes to immediately Improve your overall health, wellness, and energy level for less than a dollar a day!

    Learn More. Live Better!

Innate28 will help reset your mindfulness on what you allow in your environment, as well as increase your understanding of the direct, immediate impact on your health that the choices you make today can actually have! 

Note: Innate 28 is a digital download instructional, so you’ll have immediate and permanent access once purchased!  Nothing will be shipped to you and, therefore, the program is non-refundable.