The Keto Minute

featuring Dr. Korman and the Keto Cowboy

 Dr. Korman and The KetoKowboy

How is “clean and keto" different from a normal ketogenic diet? 

“Clean” takes a ketogenic diet one step deeper by emphasizing efforts to rid ourselves and our environments of the toxins that have become such a huge part of our diets and our lives.  So many chemicals, additives, pesticides, sprays, fertilizers, hormones, dyes, etc. have been added to our food source that many of us are at the point where we’re eating toxins and carcinogens on a daily basis and often don’t even know it!  Then, we wonder why our society has such an unusually high percentage of cancer, diabetes, obesity, brain diseases, and so many other debilitating conditions.   No pill can fix this.

Dr. Korman & her KetoKowboy promote a lifestyle that emphasizes ridding our bodies, and our environments, of these detrimental chemicals and toxins that have become all too common in our lives, and are negatively impacting our lives and our health.   Then, we can change our health destiny, through functional medicine and empowering lifestyle programs!

Clean AND Keto.  Join us, won't you?

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