The Keto Minute

featuring Dr. Korman and the Keto Cowboy

Dr. Korman and The KetoKowboy

How is “clean and keto" different from a normal ketogenic diet? 

“Clean” takes a ketogenic diet one step deeper by emphasizing efforts to rid ourselves, and our environments, of the toxins that have become such a huge part of our diets and our lives.  So many chemicals, additives, pesticides, sprays, fertilizers, hormones, dyes, etc. have been added to our food source that many of us are at the point where we’re eating toxins and carcinogens on a daily basis and often don’t even know it!  Then, we wonder why our society has such an unusually high percentage of cancer, diabetes, obesity, brain diseases, and so many other debilitating conditions.   No pill can fix this.

Dr. Korman & her Keto Cowboy promote a lifestyle that emphasizes ridding our bodies, and our environments, of these detrimental chemicals and toxins that have become all too common in our lives, and are negatively impacting our lives and our health.   Then, we can change our health destiny, through functional medicine and empowering lifestyle programs!

Clean AND Keto.  Join us, won't you?

Artificial Sweeteners

Reduce your carbs, but not at the risk of your brain! Learn more about artificial sweeteners and find out where to draw the line.


Eggs really are a perfect protein! Now… which eggs should you choose? Dr. Korman can help!


Exercise is important, but over-exercising is just not necessary in most cases!

Part 1 - Our Immune Systems

Dr. Korman and The Keto Cowboy are discussing our immune system in a 6-part mini-series, prompted by the fact that we are now in the time of year when colds and flu are running rampant

Part 2 - Stop Poisoning Our Gut!

Dr. Korman and the Keto Cowboy are continuing their discussion about our immune system, and how to build it up and make it stronger. Where do we begin?  Well, we need to learn how to stop poisoning our gut, first and foremost.

Part 3 - Healing The Gut!

Canned chicken noodle soup contains Monosodium Glutamate, made from toxic wheat and gluten, and we don't want you eating that.  That works against all of our goals here. We are hearing quite a lot these days about bone broth.  Bone broth is a great thing for many reasons.

Part 4 - Fermentation & Kombucha

The process of at-home fermentation of veggies and the making of kombucha are interesting, healthy and fun ways to care for your immune system and help with the gut, especially at this seasonal time of year when illness and viruses loom around us. 

Part 5 - Supplements

We know that a lot of people don't have the time to cook up their own bone broth, ferment their veggies or create some of that fun kombucha, so we want to talk this week about some supplementation that would be helpful for building and maintaining a healthy immune system.

Part 6 - Holistic Intervention

We want to talk today about what happens if you do get sick.  Let's start with a cold.  What are a couple things you can do holistically if you do get a cold.  

“Organic” or Locally Grown?

Today we want to talk to you about why some organic vegetables might look a little rough around the edges or have a few spots in them.

Processed Foods

Dr. Korman and The Keto Cowboy discuss processed foods, what makes them “processed” and why we want to avoid them whenever possible and substitute them with real food.

Resistant Starches

Resistant starch is a type of dietary fiber that is naturally found in many carbohydrate-rich foods such as potatoes, grains, and beans. This seems especially true when these foods are cooked and then cooled!  How does that work? 


If we’re going to continue our love for salt, let’s make it HEALTHY SALT!  Many people are unaware that there are even choices in salt, but there are, and understanding that is very important for your health!  

Surprise about Shellfish

Dr. Korman and the Keto Cowboy discussed their surprise in finding out that, while meat products such as chicken, steak, and fish don't have virtually any carbs, the oysters they ate did have carbs!  

What does “Clean” mean?

So many chemicals, additives, pesticides, sprays, fertilizers, hormones, dyes, etc. have been added to our food source that many of us are to the point where we’re eating toxins and carcinogens on a daily basis and often don’t even know it!  

Opportunistic Eating.jpeg

Opportunistic Eating

The Korman’s described what the phrase ‘Opportunistic Eating’ is how to use it on your grocery store trips.


Dirty Dozen

The Korman’s give a hint as to what items you can only eat ‘clean’.

Keto Bread.jpg


What is the best bread to eat while living a Keto lifestyle?

Macadamia Nuts.jpg

Talking about Nuts

The bad, the good, and the best nuts to eat!


No Fruit in the Keto Diet

The ‘rules’ about fruit in the Keto diet!

Above Ground Veggies.jpeg

Above Ground Veggies

The ‘rules’ about above/below ground veggies in the Keto diet!