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GEARED2bewell Online


This program includes 90 days of two-way personal communication with Dr. Korman and Brian Korman. This is very important when just beginning, so that successful habits take hold!

Take advantage of 30 years of experience and clinical practice from Laura Korman, DC, DACBN.  If given one-on-one, as her patient, this information would cost you thousands of dollars delivered over months of time.

Dr. Korman has condensed her nutritional program making it available beyond her “brick and mortar” clinic at just a fraction of the cost of sitting with her in person.  See full product description below...

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If you suffer from any of the following, this program is for you:

Resistant Fat Loss | Low Energy | Painful Inflammation | Mood Swings | Brain Fog

Poor Digestion | Food Cravings

We are facing a health crisis due to years of misinformation, the additions of toxins and chemicals to our food supply and environment, and poor nutritional habits suffered by many who are unaware of the source of so many health problems today.

Laura Korman, DC, DACBN, has taken her experience and knowledge from 30 years in clinical practice (as both a clinical nutritionist and chiropractor) and has created the Dr. Korman's GEARED2bewell Lifestyle Line.  This online version of GEARED2bewell is a self-paced, guided, nutritionally focused, lifestyle plan.

Your GEARED2bewell Lifestyle Plan Includes:

  • A self-paced, guided, nutritional, and lifestyle plan drawing on Dr. Laura Korman’s 30 years in clinical practice. 

  • A specific list of the important foods/drinks to eliminate, and what healthy foods/drinks to add in their place.

  • Clear explanation of what to eat, how much to eat, and WHEN to eat, for optimal health.

  • Varied ways to control stress and anxiety...these conditions can make you sick.

In an answer to members’ requests, Dr. Korman now offers program members our new "Nudge App,” compatible with iPhones or Androids, which affords you the opportunity to work with Dr. Korman and Brian, who can answer questions that you may have along the way.

90 days use of this two-way communication with Dr. and Brian is included in your program at no additional charge.

With Dr. Korman’s program, you will…

Move through the program at your own pace, allowing yourself time to create new habits, practice those habits, and adapt to a healthier lifestyle.  This is not a race...pace yourself!  As you feel better and look better, you'll realize that you made it to the finish line!  Now, continue on down your road to optimized health!

"Rewind and reset" as often as you need to, with this always accessible online approach.

Explore videos and articles from Dr. Korman and the GEARED2bewell staff, in addition to those of many other well-known medical and nutrition professionals as they share important information you need to hear.

Enjoy a variety of healthy recipes of all kinds!

Learn about other resources available to you that lend themselves to your new healthier lifestyle, such as pertinent books, cookbooks, cooking accessories, supplementation, referrals for companies that provide organic foods, humanely treated animal products, chemical and toxin free products, etc.

Utilize Dr. Korman’s personal Grocery List, to take with you to the store. If you purchase only from the list, you will be well on your way to improved health immediately!  If it’s not on the list, think twice and perhaps leave it on the store shelf!  

Learn what is meant by “Opportunistic Shopping”.  Learn to be a “Hunter - Gatherer."

Access our Facebook Group and Facebook discussions for support, sharing recipes, and information.

Access Dr. Korman and Staff by email, or Facebook, with questions, and get a personal response!

“Health is not a’s a journey,” says Dr. Korman. Start taking better control over your health RIGHT NOW!”  


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