Be a Hunter-Gatherer

If you haven’t yet read our article on “Opportunistic Shopping”, this would be a good time to do that, and be familiar with the concept. In short, it means to go to the grocery store with your “Dr. Korman’s GEARED2bewell Shopping List” in hand, together with a very open mind!  You are going to shop with the mindset of a  “Hunter - Gatherer”!  Make it a fun adventure!

Basically, the concept is this:  You already know that anything on Dr. Korman’s Shopping List is approved for your Geared2bewell Lifestyle.  So, rather than going to the store for such specific items, like, say, Grass-Fed steak and green beans for Tuesday night’s dinner. Instead, go look through the meat department, with Dr. Korman’s Shopping List in hand, and take in the selection with an open mind. Then, compare what looks interesting in the meat case (or store shelves) to your Dr. Korman’s shopping list in hand, and, if it’s on the list, then it’s a healthy choice!

So what if it was “supposed” to be steak! It can still be steak if that’s your final choice! Steak is on the list!

What’s on sale?  What sparks you?  What comes in a value pack that works for your family? Is steak too expensive today?  How is the roast?  Lamb?  Pork chops?  Salmon?  

Hunt & Gather!

1)  Choose your protein source

  • What is on sale?

  • What comes in a value pack perfect for your family?

  • What is something you haven’t had for a long time?

  • What is something you absolutely love?


2)   Choose your above-ground vegetables

  • What is in the organic section?

  • What looks fresh?

  • What are the values?

  • What are the available vegetables good for your family?


3)  Choose your fats and flavors for sauces, marinades, condiments & spices

  • What can you do with your protein?

  • What kind of spice are you after?

  • Do you want a rub, or a sauce, or a dip?

  • What is something that goes well with your protein flavor?

  • Are you putting our protein in a salad? Are you after a dressing?

4)  Choose your fruits as a SPECIAL TREAT and NOT a food group!

  • What is fresh?

  • What is affordable

  • Is it on Dr. Korman’s Shopping List?

  • How will you be enjoying it?

  • What is actually in season? That makes it fresh.”

Allow this new lifestyle to be different, healthy, affordable, and fun!