Changing Your Genetics Through Nutrition and Lifestyle

Most people fail to realize that chronic illness is driven predominantly by lifestyle choices and not our genetic makeup. It’s more likely that we learn the same habits and behaviors of our family members that contribute to a similar state of health.

Thyroid and Your Weight - Hashimoto’s: an overlooked, primary cause of resistance weight loss.

It is estimated that 10-40 percent of Americans have a low functioning thyroid, called hypothyroid, with the majority caused by an auto-immune condition known as “Hashimoto’s”. Traditional testing is insufficient.

Processed Foods: There’s A Reason They Call It Junk Food.

If you still are unsure of the differences between the “mechanical processing” and “chemical processing” of foods, or if you have any confusion as to the detrimental health effects of ultra processed foods, you owe it to yourself to learn more about this crucially important topic.

During This Cold and Flu Season, Understanding Our Immune System Is Important!

We don’t want to wait, hope, and cross our fingers that we don’t get the flu; we want to be proactive and build our immune system.

Pre-diabetes: A Dangerous State To Live In

Pre-diabetes affects 35% of all Americans and almost 50% of Americans 45 years of age and older. Lack of awareness about pre-diabetes has allowed it to wreak havoc.

Artificial Sweeteners: NOT Such A Sweet Deal

This article talks about the history of the first artificial sweetener and where current sweeteners may be hiding in the most surprising foods.

Can't Afford Organics?

Learn the ways to shop for organic/clean food without breaking the bank!

Chicken or the Egg

Get educated on the best eggs that you should buy!

The Mystery of the “Keto Flu”

We break down the details of how your body could respond to your new lifestyle change.

Coffee Drinkers - Raise Your Cup!

Here, we discuss the health benefits of drinking coffee and how that 'locked in freshness' coffee you buy at the store is not fresh after all!

Colored Foods Are Great!

Eat foods colored by nature, not colored by dyes!

Commit to Be Your Own Best Friend!

End your day on a positive, healthy note!

Exercise - 20% of the Solution

Let's discuss exercising/H.I.I.T. workouts as part of your keto lifestyle.

The Fast

How to properly 'fast' over a weekend!

Keto Lifestyle:  The Misconceptions

The common myths around the keto lifestyle are debunked!

Keto for Beginners

Need to know the basics? This is for you!

Keto for Kids

The keto lifestyle is perfect for your little ones!


We spell out and simplify what Ketosis is all about.

Let's Talk About Gratitude

How feelings of 'gratitude' can improve your health!

Resistant Starches

How certain foods can affect and contribute to your weight loss.

Salts - NOT Created Equal!

We discuss the several different types of salt and what is best to place on your dinner table.

Sitting is the New Smoking

Staying alive without being sedentary.

Supplements That Send Pathogens Packin'

Natural remedies to fight away viruses!