The Fast

(It is important to check with your personal physician before starting to fast!)


Dr. Korman and Brian opt to begin their fasting on Mondays (after the weekend), but fasting can be done at any time!

This is an example of a 38-40 hour fast.

1)  Start at night.  Finish dinner by 8:00 pm.

2)  In the morning have water, coffee or tea.  

  *Try some good fat in your coffee:  1 Tbs Cream / 1 Tbs Grass-Fed Unsalted Butter / 1 Tbs Coconut Oil .

(Choose 1 of the above, or make a combo to equal 1 Tbs.) 

This gives you some great non-insulin raising energy!  

3)  Between waking and lunch the first day: Drink plenty of water, and add a pinch of mineral salt (like pink Himalayan) or try some Exogenous Ketones. 

4)   Lunch: 1-2 cups of *organic bone broth w/ 1 Tbs chopped, organic scallion and 1 Tbs fresh, ground, flax seeds.

* Make some bone broth for yourself, or find "Organic Bone Broth" at most grocery stores, or your favorite health food store! Be sure you are getting Bone Broth!  It is different than the plain chicken or beef broth that we are so familiar with.  The packaging MUST say BONE broth!

5)   Between Lunch and Dinner: Drink plenty of water with a pinch of salt, or try Exogenous Ketones .

6)   Dinner: 1-2 cups organic bone broth, same as above.

7)   The second, or next morning: water, coffee or tea, as before.

Breaking The Fast!

When having the first meal after a fast, you can first eat a small handful of nuts to prime your gut. Then, after a half hour or so, enjoy a healthy keto-type meal!

8)   First meal after the fast - sometime between 10:00 am - Noon: 

Enjoy Dr. Korman’s delicious Keto-Friendly Taco Omelette!

(or other meal of your choice)!

Don't worry, it’s common to eat a bit more at that first meal. Just don't go overboard!