Dr. Korman’s GEARED2bewell Lifestyle Instructional

My message is this...

“Healthy living is not a destination....It's a journey!”

   My husband and I are totally committed to learning, living, and teaching people a ketogenic lifestyle with the goal of stopping the cycle of obesity and chronic illness and restoring health and passion for life! That being said, I’m eager to be sharing with you, through my GEARED2bewell lifestyle instruction, the ways you can gain control over your health, and put yourself back in the “driver’s seat” of your future well-being!

     Many times, we are told that poor health, be it arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, being overweight, or even cancer, is the result of our genetics and is something we don’t have control over.  But actually the latest research says that we DO have control over whether we develop these ailments or not. Even though we all have specific genetic tendencies, what we eat, what we drink and even what we think, affects the expression or suppression of our genetic makeup (i.e., epigenetics). The problem is we’ve sometimes been lied to and deceived about what makes us healthy and our ability to change it.  It’s sad to say that large, profit-driven corporations are more interested in their monetary bottom line, than they are in us being healthy. 

     We often remember, and talk about, all those “foody” commercials we see while watching TV, or enjoying a ball game.  Those snack and beverage companies spend tremendous amounts of money advertising through this media. They profit generously by encouraging us to be snacking on their foods and drinks, but do so without any concern over our best health interest. 

So, what is health?  

     Is health merely the absence of disease?  Is it achieved just because we're not on any medication? Does it exist only if, and when, our blood chemistry comes back “normal”?  

     No, health is not only the “absence of disease” but rather a state of optimal function and vitality!  We were created and designed to live a life full of health and purpose with complete physical, mental and spiritual well being — not just existing and getting by, but having the absolute healthiest version of ourselves.  Our level of health is achieved by the consistent choices we make, or don’t make, on a daily basis.  It’s like contributing to a savings account. It’s what we add to it on a daily and consistent basis that counts, long term. Consistent, healthy living is the best insurance to our future quality of life.

    Traditional medical intervention such as emergency room care and prescription medications can certainly be lifesaving when faced with acute illnesses, such as infections, heart attacks, strokes or other immediate, life threatening conditions. These interventions, however, have very little success or long term benefit in treating chronic illness and pain.  Those are metabolically driven processes and need to be prevented and/or managed through diet and lifestyle choices. This is what my Dr. Korman’s GEARED2bewell lifestyle is all about. 

Prevention always trumps intervention!

I want to help you get your health and your life back!


   Dr. Korman’s GEARED2bewell lifestyle is designed to help you make better decisions about what you eat; what you drink; how you think; and what you allow in your environment that will directly, and immediately, impact your health in a very positive way. I applaud you, if you have the willingness to make these vital changes in order to make your life a better life!

Why I created this program...

     I have spent over twenty of my twenty-nine years in practice consulting with patients regarding nutrition and lifestyle, sitting across the desk from each of them, one by one.  I have realized that much of the basic lifestyle advice, although always continuing to be modified with science and clinical practice, has had a common denominator in regard to most of my patients, regardless of their presenting health concerns.

     The time involved and the cost to each patient, when given one by one, would simply be unattainable for most people! The amount of information presented in “Dr. Korman’s GEARED2bewell” would easily cost thousands of dollars, if given one-on-one in my clinic. This information is far too important, and potentially life changing. That’s why I needed to make it easily accessible and affordable to everyone! In order to get the growing burden of our health care problem in this country under control, it is important to share this information with everyone you care about!

     With this realization, my passion and desire has only grown in regard to wanting to share solid, foundational, health information with more people than I can possibly reach with the limitations of a “brick-and-mortar” clinic. Thankfully, the internet has provided me the vehicle with which I can now more broadly share my knowledge and years of experience, while recognizing my passion to contribute positively to the well-being of people I otherwise could never reach.

So, how did I come up with the name “Geared2bewell?”

There's a very instrumental acronym for each of the letters in the word “GEARED”  

G = Grateful

E = Eliminate

A = Add

R = Rest / Restore

E = Exert

D= Discover


 “G” is for Grateful, and we now know that an “Attitude of Gratitude,” or being thankful, releases hormones in our bodies that produce greater health, reduce stress, and help improve sleep. So the first thing we need to do is to become, and remain, thankful for the content of our lives by purposefully choosing to see the glass “half-full” rather than "half-empty." 

“E” is for Eliminating toxic, inflammatory foods and drinks from our lifestyle.  The consumption of these  foods and drinks has long term effects on our health, and those effects are not good and not good for us.

“A" is for Adding  to our  lifestyle delicious, healthy, clean foods and drinks.  By adding healthier options, such as organic, pesticide free, humanely treated and non-GMO  foods to our diet, we canl really make an immediate and profound difference in the health and quality of our life. 

 "R" is for Rest, Relaxation, and Restoration for ourselves.  It is equally important is that we get adequate rest, as this is where we replenish, regenerate and repair our bodies.

 "E" is for the Exertion of  energy, even if it’s walking, biking, dancing, swimming or just moving our arms and legs while seated in a chair. Expending energy and exercising oxygenates our body, keeps us mobile and flexible and keeps our heart, lungs and brain healthier too.

  “D” is for Discovering  the positive changes to our health, coupled with empowerment to take control over our destiny.  We can now  experience a new vitality, purpose, direction and passion for life!   

With this new sense of hope for a better future, in regard to your health and well being, it is my deepest desire that my program will encourage and equip you to become the unique and special person you were created to be, and allow you to do all that your heart desires!   ~ Dr. Laura Korman