The Mystery of the “Keto Flu”

 A ketogenic diet will actually change your metabolism! 


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 It will do this by turning you from a sugar burner to a fat burner, which puts you into “ketosis.” These major changes in your body could possibly cause symptoms, commonly known as the “Keto Flu.”  Of course, keto flu has nothing to do with influenza.  It has more to do with withdrawal from sugars and glucose.

     Eliminating sugars and glucose from your diet is quite a change for your body!  

     The short term consequences may include headaches, sleeplessness, weakness and/or tiredness, constipation, or digestive issues, low energy workouts, moodiness, loss of libido and possibly even bad breath!  In other words, “The Keto Flu.”  Not to worry, though!  Not everyone experiences these symptoms, and, for those who do, they symptoms usually last for only a few days.


 As your body adjusts to using Ketones for fuel, the symptoms dissipate. Your new ketogenic lifestyle is a very healthy one, but it does transition your body a bit, by refusing your body the sugars and glucose that it has become accustomed to!  Sometimes people become dehydrated and neglect the importance of hydrating the body (by drinking half your body weight, in ounces, of pure water each day.) 

    The best way to offset all these symptoms is to increase your intake of electrolytes. 

     Electrolytes are the minerals your body needs.  This would include magnesium, sodium, and potassium.  When you restore these minerals, or electrolytes, you will minimize the side effects known as the “Keto Flu”

     In addition to increasing your intake of clear liquids, drinking bone broth that is homemade or organic bone broth from your local grocer, and eating foods high in electrolytes, (such as avocados, nuts, fatty fish, dark leafy greens, spinach and mushrooms) are all ways to counter the Keto Flu effects.


    Try adding a pinch of Pink Himalayan salt to your morning and evening water. People are often so wrong about sodium; it is not the evil culprit! Doctors, and other misinformed people, are blaming sodium for all sorts of issues. Sodium is a problem when you are talking about the white, bleached, man-made, junk in the stores, and, in addition you’re eating processed foods! Please don’t worry about the sodium when you are not eating boxed and canned foods, as you will no longer need to be concerned with excess sodium. Your cells need sodium, and other electrolytes.

     Supplementing with exogenous ketones, such as Keto//OS , allows you to experience ketosis immediately and can drastically shorten, or completely eliminate, the keto flu as your body changes from being sugar dependent. You can learn more about Keto//OS by clicking here.

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Find Organic "Bone Broth," at your local grocer or health food store.  You will typically find it sitting right next to the regular chicken/beef broth, on your grocer’s shelf.  Just read the label and don’t be confused.  It needs to be “BONE BROTH,” not just  "broth" and the label will clearly say “Chicken” or “Beef” BONE BROTH on the carton.  Note the expiration date, as it is a natural food and has a shelf life, particularly once it has been opened.  You can use it either for cooking, or pour a cup and heat it up to sip, like coffee or tea! We like to add a pinch of sea salt and/or cayenne pepper!  It is comforting, delicious, and just full of nutrients, and is always a healthy choice!

     Don't be misinformed!  The Keto Flu is NOT influenza.  

    It doesn’t require medication or a visit to the doctor.  It doesn’t even affect everybody in the first place!  Just remember, have some bone broth handy, check out the Keto//OS supplementation, plan ahead to replace your electrolytes as discussed above, and recognize that THIS is the fault of sugars and glucose having been in your system!  The symptom is just a reminder of that!

     Celebrate the decision to rid your body of these inflammatory toxins and move on to enjoy a clean and ketogenic lifestyle for optimized health!