Commit to be your own best friend!

Be Your Own Best Friend.jpg

Your day is nearing its end. You are settling down. Hopefully, you are able to find a few minutes for yourself, some quiet time, perhaps.  Discovery is an exercise best done near your day's completion

As you wind down after your day and the house quiets a bit, practice your deep breathing, and try to get with yourself; take time to thoughtfully reflect on your day.  

Sit quietly for a few minutes before bed.  Have a cup of tea on the lanai. Take a soak in the tub. Sit with a book, but lay it in your lap for a few minutes. Pretend you are at a stop sign for just a bit. Hit the pause button. 

Meet your “Precious Present,” the here and now, and remain there, if even for a bit.  


Evaluate your efforts. Don't judge.      

 Don't stress. Breathe deep. Check in with yourself. Where are you on your road map to good health, that is, your physical health, mental health, and emotional health? You are a whole person. This is about the whole of YOU.


BREATHE OUT Stress and Anxiety.

Find a place of peacefulness, and go back there, again and again.

Tomorrow?   Wake up Grateful!