Our Immune System - Part 4

Fermentation & Kombucha



In Part 4 of our 6-part mini-series on "Our Immune System", Dr. K and The Keto Cowboy discuss the health benefits of fermentation and kombucha!  

    The process of at-home fermentation of veggies and the making of kombucha are interesting, healthy and fun ways to care for your immune system and help with the gut, especially at this seasonal time of year when illness and viruses loom around us. 

    Dr. Korman advises caution about finding so-called "fermented" products at the grocery store.  "Fermented veggies are hard to get from a grocery store.  Sauerkraut, for example, is hard to find, truly fermented, at the store, because they basically just add vinegar to it and call it sauerkraut, and then they pasteurize and sterilize it, so it's dead. It may taste good, but it does not have the beneficial probiotics in it, so if you make it at home...it's very simple to do...you end up with an array of these fermented probiotics that you can consume and have them multiply in your colon and have a natural army against invaders."

    We have a couple of fermentation recipes and some information on kombucha at our website at CleanandKeto.com. The recipes are easy to make. It's fun to do, and we make batches every other weekend or so, and they last, then, about a month.

    "Kombucha is a fermented tea and can be made in an unlimited number of flavors and is fun to make!  It's great to sip on and to let the gut flourish with those healthy probiotics...bacteria...an array of them," says Dr. K. and The Keto Cowboy.  Learn more about Kombucha by visiting www.culturesforhealth.com. .