Our Immune System - Part 3

Healing The Gut



In today's Keto Minute with Dr. K and the Keto Cowboy, we are on Part 3 of our 6-part mini-series on "Our Immune System" and are discussing, "Healing The Gut."  

     We are hearing quite a lot these days about bone broth.  Bone broth is a great thing for many reasons. First, it is flavorful and healthy.  More importantly, this is an excellent way to boost your immune system and heal your gut!

     Bone broth is very different than chicken soup, and is WAY different, and better, than consuming something like a can of chicken noodle soup, which is just not a good option for you at all.  Canned chicken noodle soup contains Monosodium Glutamate, made from toxic wheat and gluten, and we don't want you eating that.  That works against all of our goals here.

     The next best thing would be just plain organic broth, sipped or added to your sauces and recipes.

     Your best and healthiest choice however is, by far, the ORGANIC BONE BROTH.  You can find this at your grocery store, and health food stores, located in the same isle as soups and regular chicken or beef broth.  Check the label that it actually says ORGANIC BONE BROTH.  It can still be chicken or beef, but BONE broth is a little different than just BROTH.

     According to Brian Korman, of Korman Relief and Wellness Center in Port Charlotte, Florida, "We have typically gotten away from collagen building proteins, by eating only the flesh of an animal, instead of eating from the 'tip to the tail,' that is, eating the whole thing, the organ meats, and cooking with the bones."
    Dr. Laura Korman, also of Korman Relief and Wellness Center, adds, "The bones carry collagen building proteins which are not only healing for our gut, but also for our joints, skin, nails and hair.  Those proteins are very healing for the gut and full of minerals as well, which we tend to be deficient in".

     Organic Chicken Bone Broth or Organic, Grass-Fed, Beef Bone Broth may be purchased at the store, but it is very easy and, really, ideal to just make your own!  Start with beef bones, grass-fed being the ideal. If you can't fine those locally, there are companies out there from where you can order them. Dr. Korman and Brian often order from a company called USWellness Meats.  This is a healthy resource for you, if you need a referral. Their animals are all grass-fed. The Korman’s place an order at least every other month or more.

So, back to making the Bone Broth...  

  1. Just get several large pieces of bone marrow, and place them in a crock pot, or Instant Pot, and use the "slow cook" setting.

  2. Top it off with pure filtered water (never from tap unless your tap has a filter to eliminate chlorine.)

  3. Add 1 Tbsp of "Bragg's" Apple Cider Vinegar (or any raw apple cider vinegar that is unpasteurized and has the living healthy bacteria that is visible as sediment at the bottom)

  4. Simmer for 24-48 hours. The longer you let it simmer, the more you extract the good stuff from those bones.

  5. You can then add, at the last few hours, some of your favorite spices and/or a few vegetables.

  6. Strain the solids out, and put the remaining broth in small mason jars (and/or ice cube trays in the freezer). It will last in these individual serving size jars for a few days in the fridge. If frozen in cubes, you can add it to sauces and meals as desired, to continue giving your body this healthy boost.

  7. Heat it up on the stove top for a few minutes, and enjoy it any time..