Opportunistic Shopping

 So many times we make our meal plan in advance of our grocery shopping.  Do you do this?  Sometimes, this is a necessity, perhaps if we are planning an event or a dinner party, or caregiving for someone with particular dietary needs, or other such situation.  In many cases, however, it is just us and our families, going to the store to prepare for the coming days of routine meal preparation.

      Mix things up a bit!  Try what we call “Opportunistic Shopping!”  Pretend you are a “hunter-gatherer” and have a “seek and find” experience!  This can be done at the local produce market, the local “Farmers’ Market”, or the good ol’ grocery store itself! Bring your Dr. Korman’s GEARED2bewell Grocery List, so you have with you the desired foods for a clean and ketogenic lifestyle.  Be sure to pick up the necessary items you’ve run out of, or the staples you always try to keep on hand.  But, rather than purchasing everything you need for the meals you’ve planned, back that up a bit….

     “Loosen up” and actually experience the process of grocery shopping!  Don’t focus on your predetermined meal plan!  What???  Yes!  Change your focus and have more fun!  Be open minded and spend some time just shopping through the cheeses, meats, eggs and produce.  Look for what kinds of items in your store or market are organic, free-range, and non-GMO, and make choices from there!  Try changing your meal plan to fit your food, rather than fitting your food to meet your meal plan!  Bring home the organic vegetables, grass fed meats, and free-range eggs available to you...locally grown, and toxin free!  

     The best thing to do is go to a local farmer’s market and get the organic products which are the freshest.  Once home with your goods, put your salads and meals together based on what was available to you, rather than what you necessarily went after!  Loosen up!  Have an adventure! Embrace Life!  If you brought something home you’ve not eaten before, no worries!  If you don’t know how to cook them, look up a recipe or information, and create something new!  

     There are many recipes out there for you!  Discover something new!  You may love it!  Diversity is wonderful! Try something you have not had for a while, or have never had before! Broaden your horizons!  Let your new eating lifestyle be enjoyable by trying new things and new ways to go about shopping, preparing, and eating! 

     By implementing  “opportunistic shopping,” you will be better able to take advantage of sale prices, freshness, and availability of organic and seasonal veggies and produce, while, at the same time, enjoying spontaneity and variety in the meals you do prepare!