The Keto Minute

Organic or Locally Grown?



 Hey Everybody!  We have Dr. Korman and The Keto Cowboy, back for your "Keto Minute."  Today we want to talk to you about why some organic vegetables might look a little rough around the edges or have a few spots in them.

"Organic fruits and vegetables, because they're not being grown with herbicides and pesticides, might have a little mark here or there, and that's not going to be a problem.  However, if your organic fruit or vegetable, like your lettuce, for example, is wilted and doesn't have any life to it, I'd stay away from," suggests Laura Korman, DC., DACBN, of Korman Relief & Wellness Center, Port Charlotte, Fl.

     The Keto Cowboy suggests that, "Just because it's organic doesn't mean that it's going to be better than what you could get from a local farmer that really looks good.  It might not be labeled "organic," because that's an expensive thing to do, but [what the local farmer has] might be better quality than some of the organic stuff!  We live in Florida, so veggies we might be getting from California would take 2 weeks to get to us!  It's probably dead. It doesn't have much life or anything living in it."  

     I’m sure you've heard the term "Farm to Table."  That means “the shortest time necessary, the better.”  Dr. Korman reminds us that, "By buying from local growers, you could find a higher quality and fresher vegetable. Often these small farmers don't use a lot of sprays.  You can often visit their farms to see and ask questions.  You might find a higher quality, fresher vegetable locally than you can organic, especially if it's been shipped from far away."

Don't be afraid if your organic food doesn't look perfect, that's ok!  


Shop your locally grown produce, rather than organic produce, shipped from too far away to be living when you get it! 

 If it doesn't look fresh and healthy, stay away from it.