Korman Relief & Wellness Center

Patient Testimonials

Back Pain:

"I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness because I was having lower back pain and weakness in my legs.  I have had these problems for a long time now and I called once I saw their ad in the Charlotte Sun newspaper.  The Deep Tissue Laser therapy and other therapies relieved my back pain completely and my legs are stronger.  I can now walk 4 blocks without any pain or feelings of my legs giving out. "

- Helen

"I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness for lower back, leg and sciatica pain.  I have been wanting help well over a year.  The pain restricted walking over a mile; riding for more than an hour; sitting, standing more than an hour and golfing.  I saw an advertisement in the local paper for Laser Therapy.  My problem has been helped, yes.  After several treatments with decompression and deep tissue laser, I am able to walk farther and ride for longer periods of time.  I am able to resume other activities and return to the gym without pain.”


Knee Pain:

"I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness due to my right knee popping, being sore, and having pain.  I heard about their office from Val Pak and have been wanting help with my knee problem for 3 months.  It was difficult for me to do daily things, like walking my dog.  Since I began treatment at Korman Relief & Wellness, I have had significant improvement with almost no pain in my knee.  The laser therapy is great!  It provides instant relief that lasts after it is used for repeated treatments.  Their GEARED2bewell program is a great guide for healthier eating too!"


“I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness for a pain in the right knee I had experienced for over two years.  I’ve received gel shots twice and they were no help.  I have taken Alieve twice a day.  I heard about Korman Relief & Wellness from the newspaper where they had an ad for Laser Therapy.  After just one treatment I am sleeping all night with no pain!  Once again, I am walking around our park with no pain!”

- Shirley

"I had 4-5 months of left knee problems, such as problems walking, getting up and down stairs, and getting out of a car.  I was referred by a friend to Dr. Korman and have been a patient now for 7-8 years. My problem has been helped by the laser treatments offered at Korman Relief and Wellness Center.  After just 3-4 treatments, I have not experienced any knee issue at all."

- Jim 

Neuropathy Pain:

"I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness due to peripheral neuropathy in my feet.  The symptoms of Neuropathy came upon me in early September of 2017.  Other doctors listened to me, but did not give me a concrete treatment plan in order to help my condition.  I heard about Korman Relief & Wellness from an ad in the Sebring Sun Newspaper.  Korman Relief & Wellness Center used a comprehensive approach to reduce inflammation in my whole body.  They used a combination of Dr. Korman's GEARED2bewell ketogenic diet plus Infared, Laser, and Electrical stimulation treatments to aid in healing of deep muscle and nerve endings.  My legs have much more circulation now and I haven't experiences anymore muscle cramping.  Korman Relief & Wellness also has an excellent staff who listened and gave excellent suggestions.  I absolutely wanted others to know about how their office has helped me!" 


"I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness because my hands and feet were in pain due to neuropathy which I did not know I had until my primary doctor diagnosed it and Dr. Korman confirmed.  I have been wanting help with this problem at least one year, but I thought the problem was something else.  I was unable to do the every day things, such as washing dishes, ironing, chopping vegetables.  I couldn’t work on beading or other arts and crafts, either.  Walking was painful and I could not ride my bicycle.  I learned about Korman Relief and Wellness Center from my husband who read an article in the paper advertising their services with a summer special.  My problem has been helped, YES!!  I began the Deep Tissue Laser treatment along with the HakoMed Horizontal Electrotherapy and Infrared lights on both my hands and feet.  I felt relief on the very first visit.  I now am back to gardening, walking, and enjoying my arts and crafts.  This treatment really works, and I would like others to know.”

- Elsa

Shoulder Pain:

“I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness because I was hurting BAD in my right shoulder down the same arm, elbow and top of hand.  I have been coming to Dr.K for 2 to 2-1/2 years. When I first explained my pain, Dr. got to checking and said I had a sprained rotor cuff.  I found Dr. Korman from her building sign.  I have had 3 Laser Therapy treatments and its been awesome!  Who would think such a small device could do so much!  I have 3 more treatments to go and right now I feel I’ll be 100%”

- Judy

"I had extreme pain under my right shoulder blade previous to visiting Dr. Korman for healing.  I had tried acupuncture, acupressure, trigger point injections, massage, etc.  (The) laser treatments completely solved my pain issue!  I'm so grateful!"

- Joan