Soaked & Dehydrated Nuts

Raw organic nuts are the only ones we suggest, since nuts are all highly sprayed with pesticides! You can find them at some local stores, or these online sources.


     We purchase from these online retailers because they have such great prices and are fast to deliver. We recommend you purchase enough to get you through a month or two. That way, you save on shipping, and don’t run out, preventing you from having to buy lower quality nuts.


  • Place the raw nuts in a pan and cover with plenty of filtered water.

  • Add about two tbsps of pink Himalayan salt, cover and let sit overnight. (This process begins to break down the enzymes which keep us from getting the nutrients from the nuts. This starts the germination process, or sprouting.)

  • Drain the nuts well, but don't rinse!

  • Place the nuts in a food dehydrator. (You can find a low cost version at any Target or other retail store. However we suggest that you invest in a higher quality version, with stainless racks. This type of dehydrator is healthier for you, and will last for many years.)

  • Place the nuts on the racks and set at 130 degrees. Any higher temperatures, and you will destroy the good enzymes.

  • Set the timer for 48 hours (you may need to turn the timer on several different times, depending on how long your timer goes)

  • After the desired crunch is obtained, season the nuts however you like them. One of our favorites is to put a few tbsps of avocado oil in a large bowl, add the nuts, and sprinkle some salt, cumin, and cayenne pepper on them.

  • Place in a sealed container for up to two weeks.

Note: Most nuts take about the same amount of time to get crunchy, however when using Almonds, we like to soak them separately and dehydrate on separate racks because they take longer to dehydrate.