Our Immune System - Part 5




 We've been talking in this mini-series about "Building Up Our Immune Systems".   We know that a lot of people don't have the time to cook up their own bone broth, ferment their veggies or create some of that fun kombucha, so we want to talk this week about some supplementation that would be helpful for building and maintaining a healthy immune system.

     You can consume probiotics, and Dr. Korman does that, as well, with an oral probiotic, particularly when she falls behind in her ability to consume fermented veggies or kombucha.  The important message here is to avoid just any probiotic off the shelf of the typical grocery or drug store. "More times than not, these products just would not be viable."  By that, Dr. Korman means that "When you actually consume the probiotic capsule and swallow it, it is important that it gets down to your gut and multiplies after you swallow it.  That's where you want it.  I don't care how many millions or billions of strains of the bacteria the probiotics have, according to their label.  What multiplies and gets to your colon is what matters."

     Dr. Korman warns that, "You really need third-party essay to really prove the quality of your probiotic, so going to a local, reputable health food store or chiropractors office and getting a high quality probiotic is really your best and safest bet."   

     “In addition to probiotics,” says Dr. K., "one of the best nutrients to have on hand is vitamin D, and we can get that naturally by sun exposure.  But most of us are indoors and live north of Florida, and, especially  this time of year, are just not getting enough sun, so most  people probably need to supplement with Vitamin D. This a fat soluble vitamin, so you can get toxic in Vitamin D. You want to be sure and get your blood levels tested to see how high of a quantity you need to take. Typically  anywhere from 2000-4000 international units of Vitamin D is considered safe, but I always recommend that patients get their blood levels measured because everybody is different when it comes to absorbing sun and actually your skin’s ability to make vitamin D, so get those levels checked and vitamin D is probably number 1 on your list to optimizing your immune system."

     “The other good thing to consider would be vitamin C. Vitamin C is a wonderful anti-oxidant and is found in a lot of fruits and vegetables.  A lot of people think that they only get vitamin C from oranges or orange juice, but it is also found in many of your vegetables like bell peppers, parsley and some of your other herbs.  If you are eating a good array of above ground veggies, then you are getting plenty of vitamin C.”  

     In the next Keto Minute, we end our 6-part series with a discussion on Holistic Interventions, so you will have some tools to add to your belt in case the flu, cold, or virus does catch up to you. Until then, "Keep it Clean and Keto!"