Our Immune System - Part 2

Stop Poisoning Our Gut!



 In Part 2 of  today's Keto Minute series, Dr. Korman and the Keto Cowboy are continuing their discussion about our immune system, and how to build it up and make it stronger.  Whether you have cold or flu issues or anything else, the first and best place to start building your immune system is to start with the gut.  Where do we begin?  Well, we need to learn how to stop poisoning our gut, first and foremost.

     Our immune system is 80% formed in the gut, so we want to get the offenders out!  Dr. Korman explains that, "We need to determine what is decreasing the health of our immune system, that is to say, what are the offenders?  We want to get to the bottom of that, so we can "stop the bleeding."

      "Sugar in our diet and processed carbohydrates are by far the biggest offenders, and they actually decrease your white blood cell count, so you have less of your own army available to fight those invaders, including viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells.  Getting rid of those processed carbohydrates means eliminating the juices, sodas, cookies, cakes, popsicles, crackers, etc.," advises Dr. Korman.  

      Dr. Korman warns that one of the big factors in today's culture is the emphasis on diet sodas.  Many people are trying to loose weight, and diet soda is becoming the drink of choice.  "That is a problem," says Dr. Korman, "because those sodas contain 'Splenda' a sucralose, which is the newest artificial sweetener and is a chlorinated sugar which actually can kill some of our positive bacteria, our protective bacteria, in our colon. That can decrease our own immune system's ability to fight the invaders or offenders, which are these viruses and bacteria that are in the air."

     Dr. Korman and The Keto Cowboy have excluded those things from their diets, and suggest everyone else do the same, as is discussed on our website at www.cleanandketo.com.  This is one of the clear foundations of living a Clean and Keto lifestyle. We need to do a "reset" and eliminate or reduce the inflammatory, toxic, and chemical laden foods and drinks from our bodies if we want to restore and optimize our health.

     Dr. Korman goes on to explain that, "another factor in our decreasing immune systems is to pay more attention to our sleep, or lack of it.  We spend so much time staying up late, on computers, laptops, facebook, video games, TV, etc., that we are missing out on our sleep!  Especially now, with so many viruses going around, it is particularly important that we are getting enough sleep."

     Coupled with getting an appropriate amount of restful sleep, we need to take steps to keep the stress in our lives at a minimum. This may be one of today's toughest assignments, but it is ever so important.  Look into simple breathing techniques, quiet meditation, and finding ways to put some quiet back in your busy life.  Exercise can also be a good stress reliever.  Learn ways you can release the stress that your body and mind are holding onto. 

Don't forget to breathe!